Roses et Bouquets 
4, rue du Général Leclerc
94520 - Mandres Les Roses 


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Association started in 2000 (ruled by the 1901 law). Its goal is about the knowledge and discovery of the flower decoration art.

Classes take place in the very beautiful site of "Ferme de Monsieur" in Mandres les Roses, where the city council lets us use a room.


Activity for anyone, with simple and accurate techniques, you will soon be able to create magnificent bouquets, from classical modes to modern and abstract ones.


In a convivial atmosphere, you too will get the flower "virus"!!! You will learn how to identify the various plants and all of the botanical treasures of your gardens.


"You will look at nature with new eyes".

Our association helps you prepare for the DAFA examination.

We use external lecturers.

We organize floral shows and competitions.




  • Une Fleur

    Une Fleur

  • Les Pailles

    Les Pailles

  • Centre de table

    Centre de table

  • Vague


  • Ligne Horizontale

    Ligne Horizontale

  • Arabesques


  • Etain


  • Collage


  • Sac à main

    Sac à main

  • Centre de table

    Centre de table